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Sunday, September 26, 2010


Glitter Words
[ - *Glitter Words*]

have u ever experienced in influenced by someone??have u ever experienced in influencing someone??have somebody told u that, u...have influenced her -vely??
1st, untuk jd seorg manusia yg biasa-biasa, bg cara aku....aku xpernah simpan rasa utk mempengaruhi org dgn cara aku....yet, i'm not that expert enough to give advise.....

  • aku xreti utk mempengaruhi org spy xsuka kan org len.
  • aku jugak xreti utk mencungkil rahsia org, yet i dont know how to force people....if they dont want to, i should stick with that~dont want to..
  • aku juga xpandai menilai org....apatah lg nk memberitahu org, how to judge people indeed...i dont have d courage to say that...
  • aku juga, it was like sometimes, can't deny my feeling behind my face...sng ckp muka aku kdg2 was yes, seldomly.......most of d time, i'm d best actress!!
  • n thus, i always being cheated in friendship!!!always... until now, i'm afraid on getting closer with friends....biasernyer, aku suke chat, msg2...but when it comes to gather with everybody, im traumatic...
  • until now...i only have just a lil close friends...a very lil close friends....but indeed, they r d best along their categories...
p/s only d time will determined everything~~

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