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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

my philipina best friend, SHANE IORI ^o^

He is one of my best friends pal....he really merely love creating quotes as it just by clicking on his mind...ahhaa....he's so funny, friendly and sooo merely kind of good faith heart=) he at qatar, working... or i should called it really busy in working his such 'transformers' mega project!!OMG, he's sooo incredible!!thats yourrs dude!!the facts that i love to post about him today is, he just send me some motivation thoughts!!it really does touching me....dude=)

waw!..ur blog is great fafau!..even if i can't undertand ur messege,i think ur expressing ur life by the a words in that's really really great!..ur really a good teacher also!...keep it always as for your family,friends,loveonce,and to ur students..........i'm sure they will not forget you!.........................takecare my friend and thank for the time!...>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
shaneiori of philippines!
thanx dude^o^....perhaps, i will wrote in english next time so that u can comment on my thoughts too=)


  • When you feel like giving up,
    remember why you held on for so long in the first place..

  • To bad u can't photoshop your UGLY personality...

    - TheMulahTruth
  • and this is most alright!!sweet ya!!
if you keep my rose today,

tomorrow i'll plant you a garden of flowers.


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