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Monday, July 26, 2010


‎"If you cant accept someone's past, then you cant accept them into your future. So accept people for who they are and the choices they've made in their lives no matter how strongly you disagree with them"

~~nape aku ckp mcm ni???sbb kdg2 kiter xperlu jd busy body terlalu sgt utk jg tepi kain org len okeh...hanya perlu doa jer utk kebaikan kdg2 aku tgk, manusia ni, suke sgt dok kutuk org gile pig org punyer talent....!!eh???p/s: ekceli ni bkn kisah sy yg kena kutuk...bkn sy okeh....ekeke...tapi yg aku lihat skang ni...kesian bai...rilek tuh br nak merangkak, kan manusia ni ada 8 jenis multiple maybe die de talent kat visual spatial but nt in verbal languages.....why u should down people by blaming their opportunity??look dear, nobody is perfect babe=)so for those who want to build tower up, keep it up babe...May Allah bless u=)amin


Aideal Fitri said...

Nice advice :)

shininghepiness=) said...

tq aideal.....gud luck dude=)